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Seniors Getting Active Again After COVID-19

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Seniors Getting Active Again After COVID-19 - Lewis Training Performance

It’s a stereotype that we all slow down with old age. Unfortunately, it’s one that may be too true. In the past year, especially, when we’ve all been under lockdown, it has been harder to exercise without going to the gym, harder to eat healthy with fewer trips to the grocery store, and harder to socialize, with everyone social distancing at home.

Seniors, especially, benefit from light exercise, nutrition, and socialization. As the world re-opens and we get back out there, seniors might consider joining a senior living community as a way to get back to a healthy, active life; many facilities offer opportunities like yoga, swimming, walking, and weight training.

Lewis Performance Training shares a few thoughts to consider.

Senior Living Communities Keep Residents Active

  • Light exercise increases bone density, promotes balance and helps prevent falls, maintains muscle, and helps prevent depression.

  • Dancing reduces joint pain, protects the heart, and defends against dementia.

  • Yoga increases brain activity and coordination, and decreases stress and anxiety.

  • Swimming and water exercises increase heart health and maintain muscle mass without putting stress on bones and joints.

Senior Living Communities Promote Good Health

  • Nutrient-rich diets are important for seniors to maintain good health.

  • What healthy eating prevents is often as important as what it promotes.

  • Senior living communities were forced to create smaller dining spaces because of the pandemic. It’s likely these more intimate dining areas will remain, since they promote better socializing.

  • New trends in senior living community dining help keep seniors interested in healthy eating.

Senior Living Communities Keep Residents Socializing

  • Socialization is good for seniors’ mind and body, and it boosts immunity.

  • Seniors were in on the Zoom trend. It’s likely they will continue to use video phone apps to have virtual face-to-face visits with friends and family who are far away.

  • Senior living communities make it easy for residents to make new friends.

  • Residents are celebrating the end of the pandemic and they’re eager to take advantage of all that senior living communities have to offer. Won’t you join them?

The world is getting back to normal and no group has been under more COVID-19 anxiety than seniors. Light exercise and social activities are essential for senior health and well-being. Making the move to a senior living community can help you stay active and on track.

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