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Review of Born Tough Apparel

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

It is rare to see a brand focus on fitness clothing specifically for men, but we are excited to test out their products to give you an honest review of how it holds up. We are active and need clothes that can keep up with us, so we can see if Born Tough can measure up to the challenge.

Review of Born Tough Apparel- Lewis Training Performance

"While traditional sportswear can be ugly and mismatched, our products are minimalistic yet bold. While traditional sportswear is oversized and disproportional, BT products are designed to fit like a glove, with deep regard for proportionalities of a human body. And while traditional sportswear is an embarrassment even in a gym, we aim to make apparel which looks as good at your local coffee shop, as it does in your local CrossFit gym.

In addition, we at BT understand the importance of technology in our lives. And we understand that any apparel today which does not facilitate you in the carriage and use of technology is obsolete. Hence, we design all our products with great concern for what technology you might need to use or store while wearing our products. With dedicated phone pockets to carefully placed headphone loops, we assure that listening to your favorite music or talking to your favorite person, is not a hindrance to your workout routine – or vice versa."

Below are the products we tried out!

Born Tough Air Pro Long Sleeve T-Shirt For Men

Born Tough Air Pro Long Sleeve T-Shirt For Men

Born Tough Momentum Track Suit Jogger Pants

Born Tough Momentum Track Suit Jogger Pants

When you throw these pieces on, there's an immediate feeling you get: These things are durable! In a world of iron and concrete, durable clothing is golden. The last thing I need to worry about is if my clothing is going to be ruined by my training. The material is strong, and has a strong "feel" to it.

And, while it is strong - the material is also comfortable. I wore these for three 12+ hour days before righting this review. When you wear clothing that long, one of two things will happen you get home: 1) You're going to tear them off before you even say "hi" your family, and change into something comfortable. Or, 2) You keep it on! These we're definitely in the latter category - and I'm pretty picky about my gear. I wore these for 12+ hours while working and working out - then wore them when I got home until I got ready for bed.

It's January in Texas as I write this review... While certainly not as cold as other areas of the country - that's still 25-40 degree days, so long sleeve shirts and pants are essential. There's a fine line to thread between clothing that is too warm for training and too thin to walk outside in. You want something that is heavy enough to get you from outdoor to indoor - but light enough that it doesn't disrupt your warm-up to be peeling off sweaty layers. As someone that HATES the cold, and is also very sweaty - these pieces managed to stay on me throughout my workouts at the gym. Only near the very end of my workout did I take off my joggers to cool down a bit.

Now let's talk price... If you walk into a sports department store and pick out an athletic long-sleeve shirt or pair of joggers from a major brand (i.e. Under Armour or Nike) you can expect to turn the price tag over to see $60+. Priced at $30 each, Born Tough definitely met the expectations of what I have for any of these other brands. And while only time will tell - I have a sneaking suspicion that they will last longer too. So, I can get an entire outfit for the cost of a single item - THAT'S value! I will definitely be buying more of Born Tough's gear in the future.

For links to these sites, click HERE: Born Tough, Men's Workout Clothes and sister company Elite sports.

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