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7 Ways to STAY Accountable to New Year Health and Fitness Goals

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

7 Ways to STAY Accountable to New Year Health and Fitness Goals- Lewis Training Performance

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, but unfortunately, most people make so many changes so quickly that it becomes difficult to keep them. By the end of January, a third of those who have made resolutions will have faltered. And by July, more than half will have forgotten their health goals entirely.

But that is no reason to give up. Here are seven suggestions from the pros at The Trainer’s Gym on how to stay accountable to your New Year’s health and fitness goals.

Make small changes first.

Resolutions tend to fall by the wayside because we try to make too many major changes at once. Start by making small changes that won’t feel overwhelming to achieve. Add a salad to dinner, jog three mornings a week, or stop using sugar in your coffee. Give yourself a few small goals first so you can build on the momentum of achievement.

Set clear goals.

Decide what you want to accomplish in specific and measurable ways. For example, instead of saying you want to build more muscle, get specific. Most trainers suggest it’s important to work on a certain body part, so you can set a goal to build stronger shoulders, participate in a push-up challenge, or work on getting that belly beach ready.

Supplement your diet the right way.

Many people jump on the diet bandwagon at the start of a new year, which can be a great way to kick off your weight loss goals. Just be sure you’re fueling your fitness goals, too. For example, people on the keto diet can maximize their fat burn with training plans and supplement suggestions. Keep in mind that some of the best bodybuilding supplements aren’t fast-acting. Instead, they are natural and organic and support your goals for the long run.

Hire a personal trainer.

Nothing will keep you accountable to your fitness goals like hiring a personal trainer who can build customized fitness plans and adjust them to help you avoid the dreaded plateau. In addition to exercises, many personal trainers can create meal plans that complement your fitness goals. With regular weigh-ins and measurements, your trainer will know if your efforts are lapsing and help motivate you to stay on track.

Explore small group classes.

In addition to personal trainers, the companionship and competition of small group classes can be a great accountability partner for your New Year’s health goals. Harvard Health says that watching and supporting others’ progress and encouraging them through difficult times can motivate your own fitness journey. Classes with 2–6 people are ideal for making major breakthroughs on your health and wellness goals.

Keep a journal.

Document your journey. If you log your food, reflect on your activities, and note your mood when you eat or workout, you’ll be able to see patterns that hold you back from achieving your goals. More importantly, you’ll be able to track your improvements, which is one of the best motivators for keeping up your good work.

Let go of exercise guilt.

Sometimes you’re not going to meet all of your goals. There will be days where you oversleep or nights where that pint of ice cream just won’t leave you alone. Do your best to resist temptation, but when it happens, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Life is meant to be lived and learned from. When you fall off the wagon, instead of letting your inner critic take over, be honest about what happened, learn from your mistakes, recommit to your goals, and keep moving forward.

Keeping your health and fitness resolutions will be hard work, but with accountability, it can also be fun and exciting. So start working toward the body you want by doing exercises and activities you really enjoy. Contact The Trainer’s Gym today and book a session.

Article Written by:

Cheryl Conklin

Wellness Central

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