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5 Ways New Parents Can Use Tech 
to Make Life Easier

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

5 Ways New Parents Can Use Tech 
to Make Life Easier - Lewis Training Performance

Having your first baby is definitely exciting, but parenting isn’t easy. Fortunately, technology can help make life less stressful and more enjoyable for new moms and dads. Let’s take a look at gadgets and apps that can help first-time parents navigate this special chapter.

First off, don’t neglect your fitness routine just because you’re a new parent! Controlling weight gain, and staying physically strong will make the delivery process easier. A personal trainer from The Trainer’s Gym can tailor workouts for your unique needs. Schedule a session today.

1) Use a smart baby monitor

Smart baby monitors can detect your baby's movement or voice and deliver high-resolution video with sound. They are a great way to keep an eye on your baby, no matter where you are. Plus, many baby monitors these days offer two-way video/audio, allowing your wee one to see and hear you, too. You can also use an app, like Baby Monitor 3G, to turn two phones, tablets, or computers into a video baby monitor. You leave one device with the baby, and then use the other one to monitor them. This app is easy to use and requires no monthly fees.

2) Embrace parenting apps

Some of our favorite parenting apps include BabyTime and Day One. BabyTime is an amazing tracking app that allows you to spot trends when it comes to your baby's eating, sleeping, and diapering habits. The Day One app is a personal journaling app that is perfect for recording all the highlights and milestones of your baby's first year and beyond. You can enhance your stories with photos, handwritten notes, audio, and more. Before your baby can talk, they can also learn to sign. Baby Sign and Learn is a wonderful animated app that can captivate and inspire your baby to communicate through signing.

Speaking of apps, for new parents to be able to embrace the use of smartphone apps when it comes to their baby, you want a smartphone that can keep up with all this activity. Now may be the perfect time for an upgrade. If you need a new device with all the bells and whistles, consider newer models that have stellar camera systems, which comes in handy for capturing all of those special moments.

Whatever you choose, know that this pocket-sized assistant can easily get you through the next few years. This also means you’ll want to protect that assistant as much as possible. So, to help safeguard your phone from bumps and drops, get a case that can withstand some mild abuse.

3) Connect with other parents

Support groups for first-time parents can be invaluable. However, many parents don't have time for (or access to) in-person groups. Fortunately, it’s easy to find Facebook groups, parenting forums, and other online resources. Online groups can help remind you that you aren't alone on this journey.

When it comes to communicating with relatives, many families live far apart but thanks to FaceTime, Skype, and other services, you can video chat with family members across town or around the world. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics thinks video chatting is acceptable for babies.

4) Create custom playlists

Your baby can listen to bedtime stories and custom music playlists as they drift to sleep with the help of devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. Parents can also use these virtual assistants to set timers and reminders, make shopping lists, turn on the lights, get recipe instructions, and more.

5) Listen to parenting podcasts

Whether you need advice or comic relief, you can get it from parenting podcasts. Some favorite podcasts include Josie and Jonny are Having a Baby (With You!), Motherhood Sessions, First Class Fatherhood, and Zen Parenting Radio. Podcasts are convenient and easy to consume, making them perfect for new parents.

Parenting can be overwhelming at times, particularly if you don’t have family or close friends nearby. Fortunately, devices, apps, online groups, and other technology can help make life easier as you embrace your new role as a parent.

Written by Cheryl Conklin

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